"What the Clelian Center Means to Me"

"I want to thank the staff and volunteers and Sisters for the splendid job they do. They welcomed me, with open arms, from the kitchen help to the administrators, from the first day I arrived. I have seen many people with handicaps that are so willing to live life to the best of their ability. I thank God every day for their determination. I also thank God that I am so blessed to know them. The fellowship among the people here has been very rewarding. From the songs we sing to bring back memories of what used to be has given me inspiration. I enjoyed the fashion show, the Easter celebration, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Little Italy Day, Groundhog Day to mention a few. I enjoyed being Santa Claus to the little children and the intermingling with the children from the different schools. I am looking forward to many more pleasant and fun events. I just enjoy getting up each day and coming in and saying good morning to all. I anticipate what I'm going to do today. Thank you."
A Client


Meet The Staff



Jeanne Hartley - Therapeutic Recreation Director


Patricia Nealon - Business Manager


Anthony Puskas - Chef, Dining Service Manager


Sandy Schaefer - Transportation Coordinator


Meg Trofimchik - Program Associate


Paula Mathews - RN, Program Nurse Supervisor


Cindy Donsbough - LPN, Charge Nurse


Maria Vega - CNA


LaRhonda Wallace - CNA


Sara Boukari-Traore - CNA


Rich Gettings - Transportation












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